A downloadable game for Windows

Here Is My First Game I Enjoyed Making It Hopefully You Do Too. New Games Coming Soon. Please Subscribe To My YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIz2LiPQ85NeNN3phg-xKw

I Have 3 Versoins of The Game.

Tootsie Rose Run-Normal Game

Tootsie Rose Run Night Edtion-Normal Game ExeptBetter On The Eyes At Night

Toosie Rose Destroy-No Obstacles (My Favorite)


W - Speed's Player Up

 A - Moves The Player To The Left

 D- Moves The Player To The Right

How To Play

There Are Obstacles Is The Normal Game Which You Need To Dodge, and Get To The Finish

Install instructions

Run This Installer,and Go With Defaults


Tootsie Rose Run Setup 10 MB
Tootsie Rose Night Edtion Setup 10 MB
Tootsie Rose Destroy Setup 10 MB